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Last year I started working on the visual identity and web site for WebStories, a conference that I had the honour to co-organize, and that was held last February.

What better than a heart to brand a conference held in the “heart of Europe”, and which is organized by and created for those “who love the web”?

Whilst the logo shape was obvious to me, I also wanted it to reflect the elegance and resilience of the web — elegant by its simplicity, while resilient by its architecture.

A multitude of technical layers, points of view, criticisms and praises composes the web we love so much, and it is also what keeps it together.

WebStories Logo

Logo declinations

The Color Palette

The colour palette should reflect the simple, elegant and yet vibrating nature of the web.

  • #0A222B
  • #CD2032
  • #F57F20
  • #0BA992


Presenting John Allsopp as speaker

Announcing a Speaker

Presenting Jeremy Keith's talk

Announcing a Talk

Web Site

A little PWA built using Eleventy, prioritizing accessibility and performance.

WebStories Web Site in Different Devices