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Simply Exciting

On February 2019, I had the outstanding privilege and honor to be part of an amazing team celebrating the 30th anniversary of the web.

The Web and The Butterfly Effect

A free transcription of the talk I gave, along with Emmanuel Demey, for the TakeOff Conference 2016 edition.

Our Monsters

Sorry to inform you, but indeed there is a monster under your bed after all.

Letter to a Web Designer

Dear Web Designer fellow, we can no longer deny that we are part of the world of the front-end development...

The Web in 2012

A quick look on what happened in web design in 2012.

Love Thy HTML

Why can't we have both awesome Javascript plugins and a standard, semantic HTML?

Being Responsive

Remember that Responsive Web Design is about... Web Design, but what it means after all?

Effective Font Size Control

Forget pixels. Just take a look at a simple and straightforward way to control your relative font sizes.

The Semantic Trepidation

I wonder why so many front-end web developers are afraid of semantics. What am I missing here?

The Evolution of Web Design

Web technologies and the hardware evolution play a quite important role in the way we do web design.

Forget your Style-sheet

Why are we attributing too much power to the CSS design and forgetting that there is the HTML?