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Best Selling Accessibility

Clients want assurances when they are paying to create an accessible web site. Here are some considerations on how to formally engage with them without losing sight of final users.

Simply Exciting

On February 2019, I had the outstanding privilege and honor to be part of an amazing team celebrating the 30th anniversary of the web.

The Web and The Butterfly Effect

A free transcription of the talk I gave, along with Emmanuel Demey, for the TakeOff Conference 2016 edition.

Our Monsters

Sorry to inform you, but indeed there is a monster under your bed after all.

Letter to a Web Designer

Dear Web Designer fellow, we can no longer deny that we are part of the world of the front-end development...

The Web in 2012

A quick look on what happened in web design in 2012.

Love Thy HTML

Why can't we have both awesome Javascript plugins and a standard, semantic HTML?

Being Responsive

Remember that Responsive Web Design is about... Web Design, but what it means after all?

Effective Font Size Control

Forget pixels. Just take a look at a simple and straightforward way to control your relative font sizes.

The Semantic Trepidation

I wonder why so many front-end web developers are afraid of semantics. What am I missing here?

The Evolution of Web Design

Web technologies and the hardware evolution play a quite important role in the way we do web design.

Forget your Style-sheet

Why are we attributing too much power to the CSS design and forgetting that there is the HTML?