Angela P Ricci Angela P Ricci

Visual Identity/ Illustration Devfest Lille 2020/21

Evasion postponed for Devfest Lille 2020, but I still could create the visual identity for the 2021 edition

The theme

As we all know, 2020 was a weird and complicated year: as happened with most conferences, the 2020 edition of the Devfest Lille was canceled because of the pandemic, and ironically enough, the theme chosen was worldwide travel!

I was fortunate to be able to start creating the visual identity by the end of 2019, when we all were in a much better place and a travel evasion didn't seem an impossible thing.

The Conference Logo

The inspiration from Jules Verne is almost obvious when we talk about worldwide travel, and I didn't try to avoid it; on the contrary, I embraced the idea, combining it with the cheerful ambiance of carnival.

Detail of the logo

The Color Palette

The color palette should be warm, vivid and cheerful, remembering old wooden toys.

Main Colors
  • #0D7E84
  • #459945
  • #71CC71
  • #C1E0C1
  • #B21414
  • #FFC152


Although “contemporary”, the Aleo type family has something that evokes me the newspapers from the 20's, which fit perfectly with the expected ambiance.

Thanks to Fontsquirrel for the font and its generator!

Specimen for Light
Specimen of Aleo Light
Specimen for Aleo Regular
Specimen of Aleo Regular
Specimen for Aleo Bold
Specimen of Aleo Bold

Teasers & Banners

Registration - Devfest Lille 2021 announce
Announcing registration on Twitter
Do you want to be our partner?
Speaker's teasing on Twitter
A passport-like sheet as example of data about one of the members
Mockup of the GDG Lille membership sheet
Presenting phot, name and company of the speaker
Speaker's teasing on Twitter
We welcome our golden sponsor
Golden sponsors' teaser on Twitter
We welcome our silver sponsor
Silver sponsors' teaser on Twitter
We welcome our bronze sponsor
Bronze sponsors' teaser on Twitter