Angela P Ricci Angela P Ricci

Visual Identity/ Illustration Devfest Lille 2019

Another year and another opportunity to create the visual communication for the Devfest Conference held in Lille, France.

The theme

For 2019, we've decided to create a theme freely based on TV series, knowing how popular they became these last years.

Having our communication based on TV series was one thing, but creating a real, consistent identity for the conference was another; I had to create something unique for our communication, and punctuate it with existing TV series tokens.

The choice for a retro-futuristic visual code came from the idea of contrast: what the TV was in the 70's and how it is today.

In some way, retro-futurism also evokes naivity and the legerty of the golden ages; something cheerful and full of hope for the future (personnaly, I think we're in great need of it).

The Conference Logo

The logo should naturally convey the desired 70's atmosphere.

To reinforce the TV series theme, sometimes the logo would be displayed in a retro-futuristic television.

The Color Palette

Main Colors
  • #43AAAF
  • #F37D11
  • #F4E558
Secondary Colors
  • #369696
  • #541C1A
  • #000000
Auxiliary Colors
  • #F7B808
  • #A2A319
  • #23A19D
  • #AF456D


Specimen of Boogaloo Regular
Specimen of Barlow Semi-Condensed Regular
Specimen of Barlow Semi-Condensed Bold

Teasers & Banners

Hold Your Breath! - Devfest Lille 2019 announce
Conference and Call for Paper Teasers on Twitter
Golden sponsors' teaser on Twitter
Silver sponsors' teaser on Twitter
Bronze sponsors' teaser on Twitter
Speaker's teasing on Twitter
Smart is the new sexy
One of the conference's banners

Goodies & Accessories

Color version

Black and White version

The t-shirts
The TV Program Brochure
The full conference info was presented in a 20 pages "fake" TV Program Magazine