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Visual Communication Devfest Lille 2018

In 2018 I had the pleasure to create, for the first time, the whole visual communication for the Devfest Conference held in Lille, France.

The theme

For this first collaboration, I decided to base the whole design on the city of Lille and its colorful, unique architecture.

The old town's architecture —a franco-flamish “boroque-ish” style— is sublimed by the emblematic belfry of Lille's Chamber of Commerce, making it the obvious choice for the main element of the visual communication.

It was quite handy, I must say, to have Lille as this perfect inspiration. The only challenge was to depict the rich architectural style while avoiding the “heavy baroque” which would go against the idea of a jovial and dynamic theme.

The Color Palette

The color palette was inspired by the colors of Lille's buildings.

Main Colors
  • #D54715
  • #19A3BD
Secondary Colors
  • #A51A1B
  • #AA383D
  • #A54521
  • #E2B25B
  • #6F777A
  • #BCC4C7
  • #DFD8CA

The only color that could be considered an outsider, and which is also the most predominant, is a bright, positive blue, added to the palette, almost as a joke: Lille —the whole north of France, actually— is notorious for being a gray and rainy place. I wanted to counterattack this prejudice towards a town that I love by making a shinny blue sky the protagonist of my theme, along with the town's belfry.

Well, everyone knows that all notoriety may have a bit of truth hidden underneath it. So, as you are going to see, I couldn't avoid putting some clouds here and there, to remember that, after all, it is Lille we are talking about.


Specimen of Arcon Font Family
Specimen of Arcon Font Family

For the typography, I gave priority to a free license font family. The geometric sans-serif Arcon Rounded Regular offered the jovial and fresh look I wanted, while keeping a nice rhythm and homogeneity.

I specially like the uppercases, elegant and with subtle quirks.

Teasers & Banners

Sponsors' teasing on Twitter
Sponsors' teasing on Twitter
Speaker's teasing on Twitter
Speaker's teasing on Twitter
Conference banner
Conference banner
Job's Corner Banner
Job's Corner Banner

Goodies & Accessories

Some goodies
Some goodies: T-shirt, tote bag and opener



Stickers and Lanyards

And Now to 2019

The design of the visual communication for the DevFest Conference was to me a real pleasure; I could try new things and —even though I love what I do for the web— it was a refreshing experience to create for print.

Today I'm already working on the 2019 Devfest's edition, this time including the design for the site, and it is so much fun!