Weekly lessons

Week 14

What a bad week it was

Last week was a bad week, or not. It depends from which side of the mirror we put ourselves. Or the amount of philosophy we wanted to deal with.

In just eleven days, Brendan Eich became the CEO of Mozilla and stepped down after a strong campaign on Tweeter asking him to resign. The problem was not his competence or his ability to run such organisation, but the fact that he made, in 2008, a donation of $1000 to California vote against same-sex marriage.

When this fact became known, Mozilla employees started to ask him to step down on Tweeter, half of Mozilla's board resign and we could see all levels of reactions, from the most balanced to those full of hate.

Today, we can see several tweets of people saying they’re uninstalling Firefox to protest against what they call The Gay Lobby, bigotry or “unconstitutional censorship”.

Would that happen if we haven’t heard too many times ignorant people putting in the same basket homosexuals and pedophiles? All those conservators crying out that gays are promiscuous, “hell-bent on Satanism” and craps like that? Would liberals be more tolerant?

We are in an era of extremes, when crying out our beliefs is not enough anymore. We have not just to stand for what we believe, but we have to attack those that don’t think like us.

Bad times for Mozilla. Bad times for humankind.

The web gives, the web takes. A powerful, wonderful way to reflect mankind, both the best and the worst in us.