Weekly lessons

Week 7

Last week I learned that Editorially will shut down

Since I heard about Editorially, some months ago, I confess its promises weren't very attractive to me, as I've never felt the need for an online editor before.

It was simple indeed: I’d write my article using Open Office, send the file to be reviewed and copyedited by my sister, who would send me back by email. After that, I’d just have to get the text and add HTML tags to it, and it was ready to go.

Well, I’m curious, so I really wanted to see what Editorially could do. I began to use it timidly, and slowly found out its qualities.

I became dependent of it really fast and without even noticing it. I could access my texts directly online, wherever I was, and I knew that to bother my sister by inviting her to review my articles was just a simple click away, as it was the export to HTML.

But Editorially was not just an amazingly handy tool, for me it was one of the nicest examples of a well done and well thought web application. I was able to observe how its functionalities were being enriched little by little, in a total natural and welcoming way, and I said to myself how I’d like to be able to make a tool like this one.

Last week I found out that Editorially was shutting down, and I thought that wasn't possible, that I didn’t want to go back to workflows that include Open Office and emails never again! But, yes, it is true and now I’m feeling kind of orphan, looking around me trying to find a solution.

It is a real pity to see all this quality and intelligent work disappearing.

Made using Editorially for the last time.