Angela Ricci Professional Timeline

1966 - 1988


March 30th, 1966
Born in São Paulo, Brazil
Loves to dance (mom says she has rythm!), to write and to draw all over the house
Dreams of being movie director
Wins useless ticket for a night club in a dance contest (twelve years old children were not allowed)
Enters FAAP to follow Industrial Design/Visual Communications courses
Begin of 1987
Joins a Publicity Agency as Intern
While scratching Letraset transfers, she hears about something called Macintosh that would transfer typos for her some day
End of 1987
Amazes herself reading "Art & Visual Perception", by Rudolph Arnheim
Gets her Bachelor Degree in Visual Communications... and begins to wonder...
Works as free-lancer in visual communication.

1989 - mid 1997

Brazil & a bit of USA

Starts working for Publishing Solution do Brasil, the Brazilian representative of the former Interleaf, Inc. from Waltham, Massachussets
First steps in front of a PC, learning desktop publishing.
Dives into desktop publishing and structured programming design.
Begins Lisp programming and is introduced to SQL.
1990 - 1994
Technical Manager
Conception of the training material and method for Interleaf products.
Pre and after sales technical support for Interleaf products.
In 1990 she follows Master level studies at the Economics & Administration School of the University of São Paulo in R&D Marketing and Business Negotiation.
Plays with SGML.
Dives into technical documentation standards as IATA, NDA, ISO.
Growing love for programming and databases
Exchanges her water colors and air-brush for oil painting
1994 - mid 1997
Web Designer & Frontend developer
Web site design & conception.
Totally dives into the web, learning the basis of Internet, HTML and Perl.
Works for the first site of the biggest bank in Brazil, the Banco Bradesco.
She adapts the client's visual identity to the web and develops the HTML pages, including CGI/Perl development

End 1997 - 2013


November 1997
Moves to Lille, France
Free-lance web designer/frontend developer
CGI/Perl development, web site optimisation, web mastering, web design.
She begins to play with javascript.
Web Designer at Atos Worldline
Expected to be already rich (expectations postponed to 2030).
"Designing with Web Standards", by Jeffrey Zeldman. Just that.
Introduces to her team CSS Design and starts an in-house promotion of web standards.
She becomes expert in accessibility audit.
Discovers jQuery and begins to love it.
She's mesmerized by the Dao of Web Design, John Allsopp's masterpiece
Dicovers the joy of designing on the browser and makes it part of a whole new web design process.
Along with her team, she launches Kawwa, a portal giving access to a library of HTML markup patterns.
Begins to play with Responsive Web Design and promotes it in every web project.
Kawwa goes open source.
Advocates for a new in-house web design process.
She has the honour of being invited to join a group of 10 web developers and designers to take part in the Line-mode Browser Dev days at CERN, Switzerland.
She goes 103m down to meet the Large Hadron Collider, where the Higgs Boson was discovered.